The Breakfast of Agriturismo SerenaThe Breakfast of Agriturismo Serena

Breakfast is homemade and genuine attention to detail.

The breakfast lounge is very welcoming and friendly, warmed by a fireplace that keeps you company on cold evenings, cooled by the green that surrounds, on summer evenings.

"The Serena" farm holidays grows, breeds and produces genuinely the products that offers its guests:

  • Garden vegetables and fruits in season;
  • Wine red, white and claret, typical of the area of Bardolino Classico;
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil;
  • Peaches, cherries, figs, apricots, kiwi.

Agriturismo Serena grown, raised and produced what genuinely offers its guests:

  • Salami we produce, cheeses, cold cuts, pickles;
  • Garden vegetables and fruits in season;
  • White wine, red and rosè, typical of the area of Bardolino Classico;
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil;
  • Peaches, cherries, figs, apricots, kiwi.

The Wine

Speaking about Pastrengo the wine cannot be named: it is in fact one of the sixteen Commons Garda wine producers guaranteed from the denomination " Bardolino DOC " and " Bardolino Chiaretto DOC " , exports to you all over the world.

Here the identity card of the Bardolino: the color is red steals clear, tending to times to the cerasuolo, and it is transformed in granato with the aging. The odore is vinoso with light delicate scent; the dry sapore, sapido, leggermente amarognolo, harmonic, thin, sometimes leggermente frizzante; the total minimal gradazione is of 10,5 degrees.

The vineyards, that concur to the production of the Bardolino, are represented from the following varieties: Corvina from the 35 to 65%, Rondinella from the 10 to 40%, Molinara from the 10 to 20%, Negrara until 10%. Moreover the coming from grapes for a maximum of 15% from others can enter in the production also vitigni: Rossetta, Sangiovese, Barbera and Garganega.

The origins: the Bardolino wine has ancient origins; the cultivation of the screw in puts into effect them production area was practiced since the first historical ages: of screw seeds they were finds again to you in the stilt houses of Pacengo, Lazise and Cisano (age of the bronze). Very it was known to the Nets, the first inhabitants of the zone, then seems to have been fatal to the Cimbri, than in the invasion of Italy in the 101 a.C., stopped in the zone benacense, they would be give to you to the pleasures of the leisure and the wine, until to being then defeats from roman consul Mario. It came then appreciated also from the Roman. During the Middle Ages the tradition of the vinificazione was conserved from the monaci of S.Colombano. Then also the monaci of S.Zeno, in theirs vary possedimenti of the entroterrabenacense, contributed to disclose of the cultivation. Under the veneziano dominion, in the 1483 Marin Sanudo the Bardolino produced on hills of Cavaion declared "perfectissimo". Later on many other scholars and poets, like as an example the Betteloni, extolled this wine and of it they exalted the letificanti effects.

Beyond to " Bardolino DOC " there is also the " Bardolino Chiaretto DOC " that is obtained from the vinificazione in rose, that is with minimal maceration of the peels, the same grapes employed in the production of the Bardolino. Therefore to the organolettiche characteristics of the Bardolino, the Chiaretto accompanies a particular touch of fineness, of scent and taste.

If the young Bardolino is a wine from meal for excellence, indicated with the means plates, and if the old Bardolino, rather alcoholic, is adapted to the meats to read and with the roast ones of game, the Chiaretto instead is indicated with appetizers, minestre, light plates of means and plates, beyond that like aperitif.

Olive Extra Virigin Oil

The mild climate which had to the presence of the lago of Garda has rendered possible one vegetation of Mediterranean type with plants which the ulivo, the cypress, the oleandro, the lemon and the lauro. Therefore an other typical product is the olive oil.

The vegetable garden

The tradition remembers also the production of the pumpkin, to which it comes dedicated one festivity around the half of september. Also the peaches are typical fruit of the zone.

The Cherries

Finally it is right to remember the cherries, not for their spread in this area, but why the Arduini family cultivates to them from always for passion. In these fields various varieties of this fruit are present, for which the collection enough it is extended in the time and it can last approximately a month (this has had to the various periods of maturation). Giovanna, the moglie of Marino, loves to prepare them in several ways: sciroppate, under grappa or like marmellata. This in fact is the only - gradevolissimo - way to taste the cherries also in winter (otherwise could be only eaten during the period of the collection)!